Rep. Jim Walsh releases statement on Washington State Department of Ecology’s denial of key permit for Longview coal terminal project

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, issued the following statement on the Washington State Department of Ecology's (DOE) denial of a key permit sought by Millennium Bulk Terminals. The permit would allow for the construction and operation of an export terminal in Longview.

“I'm disappointed, but not surprised, by the Department of Ecology's opinion. This is another example of bureaucratic red-tape delaying critical economic development. As we've seen, job-killing partisans employ a strategy of throwing up roadblocks and delays in the hope of discouraging private-sector development.

The key issue is that the Department of Ecology's opinion makes it seem like rural Washington is not open for business. That's a big problem. We need economic development in the parts of Washington state that aren't in the greater Seattle area.

This project could bring substantial benefits to Longview and the state of Washington. There are still options available. Under state law, Millennium Bulk Terminals can challenge DOE's opinion. There's a hearings board that can look at appeals. I believe DOE's opinion is weak in several points and could be overturned. My hope is that Millennium files an appeal. I'd really like to see us get past these hurdles and show that rural Washington is a good place to do business.”

Millennium Bulk Terminals wants to build and operate a large terminal to export coal from the Western states to Asia. A state water quality certification is required under the federal Clean Water Act before the company can fill wetlands and dredge a portion of the riverbed of the Columbia River. The construction, operation and maintenance of the export terminal project would create jobs, add tax revenue and boost the local economy.




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