Rep. Jim Walsh sponsors homeschool student as House page

Tumwater homeschool student Tuere Cunningham recently served as a page in the state House of Representatives. She was sponsored by 19th District Rep. Jim Walsh.

“It's a privilege to sponsor House pages,” said Walsh. “Students walk in the halls of government and learn the process by being involved. They walk away with a better sense of how public policy is created. My hope is they return, in whatever capacity they choose, as the next generation of movers and shakers in our state government.”

Tuere is the daughter of Tanikka Watford. In her free time she enjoys coding, writing java script and playing volleyball.

As part of her page duties, Tuere learned to navigate the many buildings on the Capitol campus while delivering messages and documents to legislators and staff. She also attended page school every day to understand the inner workings of the Legislature.

“I would definitely recommend doing this to other students. It's super fun and being here taught me a bunch about politics,” said Tuere. “I really enjoyed delivering messages to the different legislators. They are all friendly and open-hearted.”

To become a page, applicants must have a legislative sponsor, be between the ages of 14 and 16, and obtain written permission from their parents and school. Pages earn $35 per day while serving in the program. For more information about the House Page Program, click here.

Want to be a page for the House, but can't afford the travel expenses? To learn more about the Gina Grant Bull Memorial Legislative Page Scholarship program, click here.


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