Rep. Jim Walsh secures funding in supplemental capital budget to help combat homelessness

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, helped secure $129,000 in the 2018 supplemental capital budget to address homelessness in Longview. Community House, a program that helps homeless families and individuals, plans to use the allotment to purchase a building that would provide safe, secure housing for members of the community in need of shelter.

“Pathways out of homelessness require commitment from the community and government. Government cannot do this by itself,” said Walsh. “The operational costs of Community House are paid for by individual contributors, local businesses and not-for-profits. This contribution from the state will combine with those efforts to provide the support services people need to get their lives back on track.”

Community House, a sober-living facility, provides temporary and transitional housing. Other services include professional case management, meals and clothing. Walsh says the recovery center provides an example that could be used to create other shelters in the 19th District.

“The myriad issues that cause homelessness can seem overwhelming. Community House is a good platform that should be copied, with best practices that encourage and protect vulnerable people in a housing crisis,” continued Walsh. “The sad truth is that we need more of these facilities to help people up and out of their current situation.”


Washington State House Republican Communications