Rep. Jim Walsh responds to governor’s recent ‘Shot of a Lifetime’ lottery-style incentive program announcement

On Thursday, the Washington state lottery director joined Gov. Jay Inslee in announcing the start of a state-managed prize giveaway program called the “Shot of a Lifetime.” This lottery-style plan is being put in place to reward people who have undergone an anti-COVID vaccination.

Along with the Washington State Lottery, the governor created the incentive program in collaboration with technology companies, sports teams, higher education institutions, and other state agencies.

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, released the following statement regarding the governor's announcement:

“Peddling a taxpayer-funded, lottery-style prize giveaway as an inducement to having a medical procedure is inappropriate. It is insulting and condescending to Washingtonians and embarrassing to the state. This is no way to govern a state made up of free people.

“As scores of my constituents have pointed out, this plan is reminiscent of 'The Hunger Games' books and movies. In those stories, an out-of-touch political elite tries to use a vulgar prize scheme to manipulate the masses. Their scheme ultimately fails.

“The governor says the 'Shot of a Lifetime' prize drawings will use a state Department of Health database of people who've undergone COVID-prevention procedures from which the winners are drawn. Did the Washingtonians who got vaccinated agree to be added to such a database and have their personal medical information used in this way?

“People's medical status and health care choices are serious, personal matters. Matters that deserve discretion and privacy, as our constitutions and laws provide. They should not be cheapened and exploited in a crude carnival huckster's scheme.”


Washington State House Republican Communications