Rep. Jim Walsh condemns governor’s ‘no jab, no job’ deadline today

Today, Monday, Oct. 18, is the deadline for most Washington state government, health care, and school workers to be fully vaccinated or risk losing their jobs. The governor’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, issued in August of this year, requires state employees to be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment.

Rep. Jim Wash, R-Aberdeen, has strongly condemned the governor’s aggressive “no jab, no job” vaccination policy. Today, the 19th District legislator issued the following statement about the deadline:

“I want to send my best regards and wishes to those workers who are standing true to their principles today. Those principles, defined in our state and federal constitutions, may be medical, religious, reasons of conscience, or related to privacy. They’re all essential values of a free people.

“Whatever happens today, I believe that in the months or years ahead, the workers who are standing up for what they believe will be seen as genuine heroes.

“The current governor’s mandate requiring workers to provide COVID-19 vaccine papers in order to keep their jobs is unconstitutional, immoral, and profoundly un-American. His divisive rhetoric, including calling some Washingtonians “bioreactor facilities,” has been shameful and not fitting for an elected public servant. It’s fear-mongering of the lowest sort.

“A free people should be able to decide for themselves what chemicals they put into their bodies, without fear of losing their careers and livelihoods. The nurses, ferry workers, bus drivers, state patrol troopers, and thousands of others who are standing on principle today are defending constitutional rights for all of us. God bless them.”


Washington State House Republican Communications