Rep. Jim Walsh issues statement on capital gains tax advisory vote results

An advisory vote on Washington state's new capital gains tax on high-profit assets was failing after an initial round of election results released on Nov. 3. Advisory votes allow voters to weigh in on taxes passed by the Legislature. They are nonbinding, meaning they do not change the law.

Washington Advisory Vote 37 was a question to voters on whether to maintain the capital gains income tax increase passed by the Legislature during the 2021 session. The answer from voters, by a wide margin, was “no,” with a vote of 63% to 37%.

Washington State Representative Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, issued the following statement on the Advisory Vote 37 vote results:

“Congratulations to the people of Washington for sending a clear and decisive message to the Legislature and the governor that they reject the capital gains income tax approved earlier this year.

“The people have voted against this job-killing and economy-chilling new tax, which was presented as Advisory Vote 37 on the current general election ballot.

“The vote wasn't even close, nearly two-to-one to reject. I'm proud to see the five counties in the 19th Legislative District voted even more clearly, averaging about 75/25 to reject the new tax. Even King County voted 'no' on this tax increase.

“Sadly, our advisory votes aren't binding. They don't actually overturn this rotten new tax. But it does reflect the will of the people.

“My colleagues in the majority Democrat caucuses should listen to Washington state voters. They need to stop burdening people with a new state income tax, especially when the state government is projecting cash surpluses from existing state taxes.

“Washingtonians are already taxed too much! It's time for the Legislature to honor the will of the people.”


Washington State House Republican Communications