Rep. Jim Walsh speaks in favor of amendments to a poorly written consumer health data bill, SHB 1155

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, speaks in favor of two amendments to a poorly written consumer health data bill (HB 1155). Amendments 129 and 76 were rejected by the majority party. The 19th District lawmaker also argues against final passage of the bill, sharing several of the problems with the policy.

  • Amendment 129: Provides that violations are enforceable only by the Attorney General under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Eliminates private right of action and provides that a violation of the bill may not serve as the basis for a private right of action under the bill or under any other law.
  • Amendment 76: Removes the prohibition on implementing a geofence to identify, track, collect data from, or send notifications to a consumer who enters any entity that provides in-person health care services.

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