Rep. Jim Walsh issues statement on rising gas prices and outlines potential solutions

Washington state’s cap-and-trade program continues to affect fuel costs. Gas prices have risen much higher than proponents of the program expected, placing undue financial burdens on individuals and families.

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, issued the following statement calling on the Legislature to act:

“In my district, and all around the state, rising fuel costs are forcing working people and families to make tough financial decisions, like whether to buy groceries or a tank of gas. Food banks report that more people need their help because the cap-and-trade scheme has increased fuel costs, leaving individuals and families unable to buy food.

“While the governor visits New York to meet with ‘international leaders for climate and economic discussions,’ working families here in Washington state are paying $5.04 a gallon or more for gas. Diesel prices are even higher. This directly results from the wretched cap-and-trade tax scheme that financially burdens working people and families.

“The Washington State Legislature needs to take action to help our struggling neighbors—immediate action.

“In my opinion, the cap-and-trade scheme needs to be repealed entirely. It’s inflicting too much suffering on working families and people living on fixed incomes. But several other proposals are also worth considering. Sen. Mark Mullet has proposed a system of caps on the prices of pollution allowances the state sells as part of the cap-and-trade program. Rep. April Connors has proposed a series of rebates for people affected by rising fuel costs.

“I know Sen. Mullet recently called for legislative action on rising fuel costs, making this request bipartisan. Once again, I ask legislative leaders to discuss and implement some version of these proposals and get relief to Washingtonians as quickly as possible. If the governor is too busy with his schedule in New York, we in the Legislature can call ourselves into a special session and take action. We need to. The people of Washington are hurting.”


Washington State House Republican Communications