Rep. Jim Walsh celebrates passage of three citizen-driven initiatives

Today in Olympia, the House and Senate approved three citizen-driven initiatives. These are Initiative 2081, which establishes a parents’ bill of rights; Initiative 2111, which prohibits state and local income taxes; and Initiative 2113, which restores vehicular police pursuits.

Notably, the initiatives are immune to alteration by lawmakers, and the governor has no authority to veto them. With approval from both chambers, each initiative becomes state law.

Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, the author of all three proposals, issued the following statement regarding their passage by the Legislature.

“This is a great day for everyone in Washington. Leave the politics aside and look at the policy fixes we just voted into law. Restoring reasonable police pursuits of criminals and criminal suspects will lower crime rates. Establishing parental notification rights will support healthier and happier kids — and better school performance. And codifying Washington’s longstanding tradition of opposing any state tax on personal income will help working families and local economies.

“When common-sense conservative policies lead the way, things get better for everyone. I’m grateful for the bipartisan support they’ve received. Working together, we’re fixing what’s broken in Washington. This is just the start, of course. There’s much more work to do. Other problems to fix. But, for the moment, let’s celebrate these good wins.”

Six initiatives were introduced this session, but only three were advanced by the legislative majorities for public hearings and debates. Consequently, the November ballot will include three of the six citizen-driven initiatives. Those are:

The 2024 session is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, March 7.


Washington State House Republican Communications