Radio Report: Rep. Jim Walsh condemns Democratic legislation for unjustly targeting law-abiding gun owners

A Republican lawmaker underscores Second Amendment right as the governor considers signing Democratic anti-gun legislation. Nic Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SCOTT: Governor Inslee has been asked to sign Senate Bill 5444 into law that would add libraries, zoos and transit facilities to places where it is illegal to openly display a weapon. Representative Jim Walsh shares what he has heard from citizens, that the Democratic bill infringes upon Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

WALSH: “These laws chip, chip, chip away at the places you can open-carry make their lives less safe – and they’re right.”

SCOTT: Walsh argues that by penalizing law-abiding citizens instead of targeting criminals, the legislation is eroding the rights of gun owners unjustly.

WALSH: “I’ve heard a lot of concern about the transit piece, because to be frank, public transit is not that safe anymore. And there are people who openly carry for their protection when they go out in public.”

SCOTT: As this bill goes to the governor, Walsh says citizens need to act now.

WALSH: “Contact your legislator, contact the governor’s office and tell them you’re tired of this chip, chip, chipping away at your constitutional right to defend yourself.”

Nic Scott, the state Capitol.


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